Resolutely offbeat, the Hotel Les Deux Girafes is a major player in its quarter; the 11th arrondissement. Today, we invite you to discover the true face of our neighbourhood with its vibrant, colourful and picturesque streets. Here are some of our favourite places ...



The magic of picturesque streets; Oberkampf

To begin your voyage of discovery, head for the Rue Oberkampf. This ancient street contains small wonders like the Cité du Figuier, named in honour of the majestic fig tree that grows there. Formerly a street of metallurgy workshops, this cul-de-sac has been renovated and gentrified and is now lined with colourful two-storey homes and plenty of greenery. A little further along, a similar intriguingly offbeat ambiance is apparent in the artists' studios of the Cité Durmar. This 120-metre-long, narrow, cobbled street boasts a distinctly rural and bohemian feel. Finally, at number 160 Rue Oberkampf a refreshing dip awaits in the swimming pool of the Art Deco Grands Bains Parisiens.



Roaming the picturesque streets

The magic doesn’t stop at the boundaries of the Rue Oberkampf. Our 11th arrondissement is a delight for those who take the time to get to know it. Look closely and you can still find the Paris of artisans and craftspeople. Enter, for example, the labyrinthine courts of the Passage du Cheval Blanc or the Cour Damoye, which once sheltered the workshops of economic migrants from the Auvergne. A little further, the Passage Lhomme still retains plenty of atelier activity behind its ivy-covered facades. Finally, the Passage Saint-Maur is characterized by wooden buildings evoking a Paris not entirely gone ...

On the fringes of Haussmann's renovated Paris, the 11th arrondissement maintains the spirit of the Paris of yesteryear. With their old workshops, cobblestones and greenery, the picturesque streets of our neighbourhood offer interesting walks away from the well-worn tourist track.

We’re happy to tell you all about them ...


Crédit photo:  Guillaume BAVIERE



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