Your Hôtel Les Deux Girafes is finally renewing its passion for art after a summer of stress and uncertainty by presenting something exciting and colourful to Paris this autumn. Let’s break up the gloom with the brilliant work of a dazzling artist: Moira McAinsh. Read on and we’ll introduce her to you!


The most Scottish of Parisians: Moira McAinsh

When she was in her early teens, Moira McAinsh discovered she had a passion for painting. As an adult, she decided to leave Scotland to explore Europe, where she opted to stay. Settling in Paris, she first expressed her creativity in the world of fashion as a stylist. She gradually left that environment behind so she could devote herself to painting and collage, a medium in which she integrated the pages of her former life in the form of pieces of paper carefully selected from women's magazines. An original technique which helps to give her work its distinctive personality.


The fantastic bestiary of Moira McAinsh

Moira bewitched us with a collection depicting women, dancers, geishas... each magnificently draped, adorned with feathers and pearls; the finesse of the collages creating a fine lacework with a tactile quality of depth and relief that evokes thoughts of the most beautiful haute couture dresses. For this latest exhibition, Moira shares with us her new passion: a bestiary! Her delightful rhinoceroses, lions, elephants and, of course, giraffes are at once majestic and humorous but always bursting with colour and life. They are a natural fit for the bright spaces of your Hôtel Les Deux Girafes, creating a dialogue between the setting and Moira’s creative vision.

Until November 30th, your Hotel Les Deux Girafes offers the ideal showcase for the original, vibrant and extraordinarily delicate works of art created by the Scottish artist Moira McAinsh. You’ll have plenty of time to admire them during your next stay in our establishment!




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