When you think of a cruise in Paris, you might immediately imagine bateaux-mouches travelling along the Seine, passing the illuminated Eiffel Tower and the quays of the Île Saint-Louis and Île de la Cité. However, there are more intimate cruise options, off the well-beaten tourist paths, where you can encounter a Paris that is lesser-known yet somehow more authentic... Head for the Canal Saint-Martin.


On the waters of the Canal Saint-Martin

Your Hotel Les Deux Girafes, located in a popular and lively part of ​​eastern Paris, likes to share amazing, quirky and authentic experiences with you. Discover the charming north-eastern neighbourhoods of Paris by cruising along the Canal Saint-Martin from the Port de l'Arsenal, adjacent to the Seine, to La Villette. You’ll see places steeped in history, away from the tumult of traffic and tourists, while enjoying unique views of the city.


Cruises on a pleasingly small scale

The boats circulating on the Canal Saint-Martin are smaller and allow for more interaction as you pass through locks, beneath elegant footbridges and past the century-old trees and retro-style cafes that line the banks. Your guide’s commentary will bring back to life for you those neighbourhoods that saw the birth of the great Parisian revolutions and welcomed many creative people. You can also privately hire a boat if you want to celebrate a particular event. At 1 hour 30 minutes for the shortest version and up to 2 hours 30 minutes for the longest route, cruises on the Canal Saint-Martin offer an exciting, fun, fascinating and relaxing experience.

The Canal Saint-Martin has featured in many books, paintings and films. You may get a feeling of déjà vu if you’ve seen the films of Jean Gabin and Arletty, or the Audrey Tautou movie Amélie. True charm...



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