Ready to embark on a very special space mission? A few steps from the Hotel Les Deux Girafes, a new type of restaurant has just opened. Stellar invites you to have lunch or dinner with your head in the stars, surrounded by celestial bodies. A gastronomic voyage through the Milky Way.


Immersive restaurant in the stars

A year ago, the opening of Ephemera marked the beginning of the adventure. This new kind of restaurant invited you to eat in the midst of coral reefs and in the depths of the sea. By creative use of projections and lighting, as well as by inspired decor, an illusion of plunging into the undersea world is created during your meal. The idea behind Stellar is to conjure up the infinity of space. With the play of light, digital projections from floor to ceiling, and suspensions in the shape of stars, everything is done to give you the impression that you have left our planet. The two floors of the restaurant also offer clever ‘porthole’ effects that give the impression of contemplating the stars from a space shuttle. Cosmic!


Space food

Stellar is not only about its décor, which simply provides a setting in which to enjoy high quality dishes. These dishes are designed to evoke and complement the theme but do so without sacrificing any of their gourmet appeal. You won’t be eating the freeze-dried portions our astronauts have to put up with! On the menu, house tarama, karaage chicken, fish and much more. It’s cuisine with multiple inspirations, full of energy and flavours. So, even if the immersion puts your head in the stars, the food is deliciously earthy.


Since April 24th, the immersive restaurant Ephemera has had a little brother, situated very close to the Hotel Les Deux Girafes. Take off to discover the universe at Stellar! A restaurant as original as it is excellent.


Restaurant Stellar
Restaurant Ephemera

Photo : filirovska

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