Through his work with light and colour and his expressive and warm canvases, Alberto Mantilla promises to bring the sun into the spaces of the Hôtel Les Deux Girafes this summer. We are passionate about presenting the work of talented and original young artists, and from July to October we are delighted to share with you the work of this young painter with Honduran roots.


A self-taught artist

Alberto Mantilla is especially open in his artistic expression. He effectively conveys his emotions, fears and wonders with just a stroke of the brush. Since his youngest years he has tried, tempted, manipulated and mixed in an attempt to visually present his inner world. Perfecting his pastel technique, he then turned to oils and acrylics. His arrival in France gave him the opportunity to evolve further and he studied Van Gogh, Cézanne and Monet. This is how he finds his way and his style, the centrepieces of which you can discover on the walls of the Hotel Les Deux Girafes.


An exhibition rich in light and colour

According to Alberto, lineism makes it possible to both unite and separate colours. The technique reproduces the effect of each ray of light. Thus, his canvases, which at first glance could be taken for examples of impressionism or naive art, offer a fascinating complexity and depth. Yet, they are easily accessible thanks to their warm colours and attractive and magnetic rendering. The system of lines Alberto employs creates a dynamic, an energy that captivates the eye. Still life, landscape, portrait: everything finds a new dimension when transformed by his artistic sensibilities.


All summer and until October, come and discover the creations and the world of light and colour of the young painter Alberto Mantilla. Our hotel’s spaces are transformed into a gallery in the service of his vision.      


Hotel Les Deux Girafes, a 4-star boutique hotel in the heart of the Bastille-République district