To stay in keeping with the quirky, innovative and warm character of our Hotel Les Deux Girafes, we needed a chef who is out of the ordinary. Our mission was successful the day we met Antonella Finelli, who has made the Beslay the restaurant we always dreamed it would be!


Our chef’s extraordinary career

What do biology lessons and the kitchens of the Deux Girafes have in common? The answer is Antonella Finelli, who ended up abandoning her students, desk and schoolbooks to devote herself to her great passion; cooking. She trained with the greats, spending a stint at the Grande Cascade among other experiences, learning the discipline and savoir-faire of French cuisine while keeping intact her passion for organic produce and, of course, her Italian roots. The results speak for themselves…


A cuisine and menu in our image

In the kitchens of the Beslay, Antonella Finelli has all the freedom she needs to express her creativity, her passions and her interest in colours and flavours. Always making the most of seasonal products and ingredients from sustainable agriculture sources, she invents, remodels and combines the great classics with a touch of inspiration that is evident in every dish. Her favourites? Risotto, naturally, that changes and evolves with the coming of each season! And to finish, a selection of legumes that are used to create unforgettable desserts. So that the focus remains on the cuisine, the restaurant’s simple and Scandinavian-inspired design immerses diners in an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation while leaving the limelight to the contents of their chosen dishes...

The Beslay fits in perfectly with the warm and well-designed concept of your Hotel Les Deux Girafes, thanks to the creative and dedicated personality of Antonella Finelli. From breakfast to dinner, via gourmet breaks, come and surprise your taste buds and treat yourself to true moments of pleasure in our restaurant!



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