True to its principles, the Hotel Les Deux Girafes likes to highlight the artists it supports and works that speak to our team as much as to our guests. This spring, we gave our hotel walls and the Belay restaurant over to the creativity of ARySQUE. A philosopher, poet and artist, this creative individual invites you to enjoy a colourful and inspiring exhibition entitled Art is a Garden of Ephemera.

An extraordinary personality

Although drawing has been the favoured mode of expression of ARySQUE from an early age, philosophy and poetry have built her artistic and intellectual universes. Moreover, it is through them that she expresses her interpretation of the news in her blog. Very committed, she also offers beautiful expressions concerning nature, philosophical texts that have long been of interest, and childhood memories. This is how Art is a Garden of Ephemera was born, and you can admire it from April 10thto July 3rd, 2022.


The works and their inspirations

Dynamic graphics and dazzling colours are the outstanding characteristics of ARySQUE fabrics at first glance. But pay attention for longer and it will allow you to see how much the writing is an integral part of the work. The labels accompanying the compositions also allow us to obtain a better understanding of their origins. Ovid's Metamorphoses, Loveland and its five panels devoted to texts on love or even ‘Le temps se fait ami’, dedicated to the poetry of René Char, are just a few examples of this fusion between visual work and text that you can admire in the common areas of the Hotel Les Deux Girafes this spring.

Throughout her work, ARySQUE questions visual and textual expression in times of vigilance. Painting as much as old or more recent texts, philosophical as well as poetic, allow her to transmit, to question, to amaze... Come and discover this remarkable body of work.




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