With its golden dome glinting in the sunlight, its impressive cobbled courtyard and its immense esplanade stretching right down to the Seine, Les Invalides is one of the world's most majestic monuments. During your stay at Hôtel Les Deux Girafes, take the time to discover this unique site steeped in history by attending Aura Invalides, a true sensory immersion in the heart of the monument. 


350 years of history

Since its creation in 1670, the Invalides has been closely linked to France's military history. Indeed, Louis XIV wanted them built to house soldiers disabled during his campaigns. The site is completed by the Saint-Louis-des-Invalides cathedral and the military necropolis, home in particular to Napoleon's tomb. A masterpiece of French classicism, the monument is distinguished by its regular facades and harmonious proportions, based on the square. The cathedral, designed by Hardouin-Mansart, has a Greek cross plan, also square, topped by a large golden dome. It is under this dome that Aura Invalides stands...

Fascinating immersion

Using state-of-the-art sound and video projection technologies, Aura Invalides offers a dazzling mapping of the building's monumental architecture. For 50 minutes, stroll through the six chapels and the crypt housing the Emperor's tomb. The play of light reveals every detail, creating fabulous perspective effects. You take in the space at your own pace, as the orchestral music swells to life. Completely out of time, the moment becomes simply magical. Don't forget to book your tickets online!


An impressive site in more ways than one, the Invalides offers a fascinating visit, a plunge into French history truly sublimated by Aura Invalides' mapping. Don't miss out on this unique experience during your stay at Hôtel Les Deux Girafes.



Photo: 22Imagesstudio

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