In Paris, art takes on a new dimension with the LOADING exhibition. URBAN ART IN THE DIGITAL AGE, presented at the Grand Palais Immersive until July 21, 2024. This groundbreaking event explores the boundaries of urban and digital art, offering visitors a unique immersive experience. The Hotel Les Deux Girafes echoes this major artistic initiative and invites its guests to discover this essential rendezvous of the Parisian cultural scene.

An exhibition of urban art

The LOADING exhibition celebrates urban art in all its forms, merging traditional street art techniques with the latest digital innovations. At the heart of the Grand Palais Immersive, visitors are transported into an ever-evolving artistic universe, where walls become interactive canvases and graffiti metamorphose before their astonished eyes.

Paris, awakened by street art

Paris, an emblematic city of urban art, is the ideal playground for this artistic exploration. Street art, whether expressed through murals, installations, or performances, is deeply rooted in the cultural fabric of the French capital. From Montmartre to Belleville, through the Marais district, the streets of Paris reveal a veritable open-air museum where emerging talents rub shoulders with renowned artists.

A hotel dedicated to art

"Les Deux Girafes," as a partner in artistic expression, highlights the richness and diversity of street art in Paris. By staying in this uniquely charming hotel, travelers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the captivating universe of urban art while enjoying an elegant and refined setting. After a day of exploration at the Grand Palais Immersive, located just 15 minutes from the hotel, guests can gather in the hotel's welcoming spaces to share their impressions and artistic discoveries. Not to mention the current exhibition to discover within the hotel's walls.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience urban art in the digital age through the LOADING exhibition at the Grand Palais Immersive. "Les Deux Girafes" welcomes you for a memorable cultural escapade in the heart of the City of Light, where every street corner reveals a fascinating artistic story to be discovered.



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