For years it was an oasis of art, beauty and tranquillity nestled in the 14th arrondissement, but now the Fondation Cartier Bresson has moved to a larger space in the Marais, on the Rue des Archives. Come and discover the new building of this foundation dedicated to contemporary photography in Paris.


A unique location in the Rue des Archives

A former Renault garage situated in an inner courtyard has been converted into the new home of the Fondation Cartier Bresson. More than 900m2 of exhibition space await you in the Rue des Archives, along with a bookstore, a library, an archive and a conference room. This magnificent space, completely redesigned over the course of more than two years, will host cutting-edge exhibitions featuring the works of outstanding photographers.


Cartier Bresson; the work of a lifetime

This new space pays tribute to the genius of the French humanist photographer, Henri Cartier Bresson through more than 50,000 original prints, 200,000 negatives and numerous documents. The inaugural exhibition features a retrospective of the work of Martine Franck from the dual perspectives of her social activism and as the wife of Cartier Bresson for more than 30 years.


Hôtel Les Deux Girafes; a leading Parisian establishment

Not far from the Fondation Cartier Bresson is a trendy new establishment in Paris, the Hotel Les Deux Girafes. Elegant and arty, this four-star hotel is a place of art, regularly presenting exhibitions of contemporary work. Its industrial look, softened by a décor comprised of mellow colours and 19th century furniture, delights aesthetically inclined travellers. Its spacious rooms are an invitation to relax, away from the tumult of Paris, while its restaurant Le Beslay welcomes you throughout the day for unique cuisine.



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