A place of life more than of passage, the Hotel Les Deux Girafes likes to open its bright spaces to inspired artists. We start the year with an exhibition full of the poignance, fruits of the imagination and intriguing creativity of Jean-Luc Morlot. Combining collage and photography, it invites you to take a dreamlike and inspiring journey… à la Parisienne!


Temporality at the heart of Jean-Luc Morlot's journey

Jean-Luc Morlot is a photographer who experienced a revelation in the ruins of Moissac Abbey that led him to think about and translate into images the notion of temporality, of what was and what is no longer. To express such concepts in visual form he developed a technique of his own in which photographs play an essential part but are accompanied by collages and montages to bring back that which has disappeared or to create a new vision of reality. The artist is also passionate about digital techniques, combining pointillism and pixelation in his work.


“Voyages… à la parisienne”

In this new exhibition, Jean-Luc Morlot presents a dreamlike itinerary that takes you through the twenty arrondissements of Paris. His reworked photographs evoke ambiances that are unique to him and make you want to dive into the heart of what might otherwise be regarded as a cliché. He also makes creative use of the Parisiennes of Kiraz, using the famous figures in a clever montage and placing them in photographed environments which give them an extraordinary materiality. He thus plays with reality by blurring the boundaries of perception and inviting us into his dream Paris.


From January 3rd to April 3rd, 2023, you can admire the creations of Jean-Luc Morlot in the spaces of the Hotel Les Deux Girafes. Full of good humour and poetic whimsy, they invite you to a Paris teetering on the edge of reality and dream.


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