Your Hotel Les Deux Girafes invites you from December 17th to March 17th, 2020 to enjoy the work of an exceptional artist; Natacha Panot. During your Parisian break, take advantage of your time within our walls to discover the original visions of a creator who is always striving for the next level of meaning.


Natacha Panot; Fish Moi la Paix & Seal me, my fish back

The title of the exhibition is a pun on the phrase ‘fiche moi la paix’ (‘leave me in peace’) as it’s fish that are represented in these works. Trying to define the work of Natacha Panot is a difficult task as it clings lightly to the precarious, the transient, the grace and the chaos of the moment already gone. She then combines the precision and structure of meticulous research, disciplines as varied as drawing and photography and inspired creativity. The result is astonishing work of flowing softness, in shades ranging from white to black, passing through grey or ochre hues that highlight forms.


Find fish and peace at the Deux Girafes

With its large spaces and natural light, your Hotel Les Deux Girafes offers an excellent venue for hosting diverse and exciting exhibitions. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Natacha Panot and her fascinating fish this winter. With pure lines and minimalist but warm compositions, her art invites you to daydream or to reflect on your state of mind. It’s also an opportunity to discover more about the artist's personality and will no doubt make you want to go and see her other series, such as Table, Fractures and Bestiaries...

Paris continues to consolidate its position as an essential place for contemporary art. Outside of the major exhibition spaces and highly compartmentalised networks, your Hotel Les Deux Girafes invites you, during your stay, to discover the creativity of artists for whom we have a real regard. Let us introduce you to Natacha Panot!



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