As you have known for a long time now, your Hotel Les Deux Girafes likes to spotlight artists by exhibiting their works in the lobby and restaurant. Our spaces thus become venues of expression for creators about whom we are passionate. With Corinne Tong-Chaï, we would even say it was love at first sight...


From journeys to impressions, the world of Corinne Tong-Chaï

The paintings of Corinne Tong-Chaï suggest the joy of a curious child who, one day, stepped through the door of an atelier to discover the wealth of materials and colours inside. This curiosity was then expressed in her travels and her profession as a journalist, the camera and the pen replacing the brush for a time. But each experience, each encounter, each impression was an opportunity to nourish her inspiration to create canvases in which the first abstract concept goes on to build a world full of meaning...


The Journey exhibition

As its title suggests, Corinne Tong-Chaï's exhibition, Journey, charts her artistic course. If the artist borrows from the Impressionists in her treatment of light, she is inspired just as much by Hopper, Turner and the lyrical abstraction of Zao Wou-Ki. You need to study her work to catch these references. However, you will find yourself carried away by the emotions aroused and the worlds evoked by the artist’s inner journey. From January 9th to April 9th, 2022, Corinne Tong-Chaï gives the common areas of Les Deux Girafes a new identity. The opening will take place on Thursday 17 February from 6pm.

During your Parisian stay at Les Deux Girafes, take the time to admire the paintings of Corinne Tong-Chaï and immerse yourself in her very personal but at the same time very accessible world. Whether you are passionate about contemporary art or a complete neophyte, you’re sure to be seduced by the vibrant creativity of this extraordinary artist.



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