For us, nothing is more natural than the inspiration we derive from our totemic animal, the giraffe. We delight in the way that giraffes have sparked the imaginations of artists of yesterday and today. While we wait to welcome you once again to the Hotel Les Deux Girafes, we would like to share some examples that have inspired us ...


First of all: Zarafa

She was the first Parisian giraffe! Zarafa, whose name means ‘charming’ in Arabic, had an extraordinary life that was celebrated in the 2012 animated movie titled, simply, Zarafa. A diplomatic gift to the French sovereign King Charles X from the Viceroy of Egypt in 1826, this beautiful Nubian giraffe was first transported by specially constructed barge down the Nile to Alexandria, then taken across the Mediterranean before setting out on foot from Marseille to Paris. There, she won the hearts of fascinated Parisians and became a source of inspiration for drawings and prints as well as fashions.


An animated short not to be missed: 5M80 - Elegance

Imagine several graceful giraffes striding along the tiled walkways of an Olympic swimming pool. They launch themselves into the most elegant of dives, alone or in pairs before emerging, as magnificent as ever, from the barely rippled water. This is the subject of the 5-minute computer animated short film entitled 5M80 – Elegance, directed by Nicolas Deveaux. The exquisite movements of the animals, the majesty of their postures, the stunningly rendered setting; everything is lovingly crafted to immerse you in a world of poetry and elegance ... See it on YouTube.

Your Hotel Les Deux Girafes team has a wealth of anecdotes to share with you about these magnificent animals, a constant source of inspiration and creation. Come and chat with us!



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