Are you looking for a different way to explore the streets of Paris? Want to embark on a fun quest? You can always count on your Hotel Les Deux Girafes team to give you a touch of inspiration. Today, let's conquer the Space Invaders!


Space Invaders in Paris

Invaders: 1440. Score: 39.040. The world of video games has percolated through into reality with 1440 little pixelated aliens straight out of the classic 70s arcade game invading the walls of Paris and turning up in the most surprising places. Your mission? Track them down and enjoy the fun contrast between the classical Parisian architecture and these colourful aliens. How you approach your mission is up to you. You can leave it to chance or download the FlashInvaders app, which will snap a photo of each one you find and award you points.


A constantly evolving creative project

Artist Frank Slama, better known by the pseudonym Invader, has taken street art to the next level with his Space Invaders project. A true appropriation of pop culture, it decompartmentalises art by taking it out of its usual areas of expression such as museums and galleries. Invader’s colourful ceramic tile mosaics fit into the urban space and free art from its traditional shackles. They are also part of a sprawling work that spans all the continents. Although the artist does not claim any political or philosophical position, the intrusion of these pixelated figures into our reality comments on our consumer culture and the role of digital representations in our spaces and lives...

Your Hotel Les Deux Girafes team likes to share with you their favourites, current passions and interesting artistic projects. In the current context, with access to museums and galleries severely restricted, you can take a deep breath of air and freedom as you go in search of Space Invaders... they’re everywhere in the capital, so you’re sure to happen across at least some! Good hunting!



Photo : (CC By 2.0) © couscouschocolat on Flickr

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