Everyone is looking for common sense and eco-responsibility for the end of year celebrations. The team of the hotel Les Deux Girafes has found many ideas to make Christmas a magical moment without feeling guilty...


The tree ? Natural or artificial?

The choice of the Christmas tree is the subject of much discussion and is sometimes difficult. We called on the advice of a neighbor, our café-florist Désirée. She chose the natural tree, to avoid the plastic and polluting materials that travel all over the world and are difficult to recycle. But be careful, not just any tree! You must choose a locally produced tree, without pesticides and with little fertilizer (natural of course!). Its cutting and reforestation must also be carefully studied. She has chosen a partner supplier who guarantees you an eco-responsible tree with the smallest possible ecological footprint. Another solution, if you have the possibility: replant your tree in your garden or keep it in a pot.


A more responsible decoration

Your garlands of lights are all equipped with LEDs, you have chosen a natural decoration and gift wrapping fabric, in the Japanese style. You want to do even better? Go to the Christmas market of the 12th arrondissement, a 15-minute bike ride from the hotel Les Deux Girafes. Green, supportive and eco-responsible, it gives you plenty of gift ideas. Don't miss the Dada Market, a short-lived store dedicated to eco-friendly consumption where fifty or so young brands present their creations, just a 15-minute walk from the hotel.


It is possible to live Christmas to the fullest without burdening your carbon footprint. Come and discuss it with the team of the hotel Les Deux Girafes and share your good ideas and good resolutions.


Christmas market of the 12th arrondissement

Photo: Song_about_summer

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