The Hotel Les Deux Girafes is not only a friendly place where you can recharge your batteries during your stay in Paris. It also offers its bright and open spaces to artists who want to exhibit their creations. At the end of the year and until January 8th, 2022, we welcome the works of Nadja M, which have been brought together in an exuberant and intriguing look at Human Nature...


ArtEcologie arrives at the Deux Girafes

While Nadja M's work is inspired as much by Dadaism as by the New Realists and even pop feminism, it also reflects a deep commitment and demonstrates an ever-renewed questioning about major ecological issues. This results in the use of raw materials, intriguing associations of materials and the inclusion of objects or fragments of objects to be recycled. At the heart of her reflections are humanity versus monstrosity, beauty versus ugliness and the troubled perception of reality. It’s completely current!


exposition Nadja M


The creations of an inquiring mind

Collages and montages, as well as plastic creations, occupy the common areas of the Hotel Les Deux Girafes. Portraits recomposed in colourful and disturbing collages invoke emotions, arouse instant reactions and pose deeper questions. The artist’s creativity can be found throughout her career, which was initially in advertising, then followed a self-taught route enlightened by her encounters at the Beaux-Arts in Paris. She has mastered the codes and techniques of academicism, only to distort them and submit them to her vision and inspiration. Thus, her body of work entitled Human Nature is an astonishing mirror in which to question our society and our humanity.

It is always a pleasure and an honour to have you encounter the work of the artists we love. During your stay at the Hotel Les Deux Girafes, soak up the humour, the sense of shape and colour, and the questions of Nadja M!


Nadja M



More information:

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