At Les Deux Girafes, we always seek to have an optimistic point of view and a fresh and original take on things. So, rather than dwelling on the very real worries, stress and anxieties of recent months, we prefer to focus on the positives that have come out of the pandemic lockdown.


Paris seen in a different light

All Parisians will tell you that these past two months have shown them their city in a different light. The drastic reduction in transport and traffic, the 1 km radius exercise limit, and the opportunities to work from home have made us look at our streets and our immediate environment in a new way. Small architectural details, wild grass growing through the pavement, a couple of tits taking up residence in the nearby chestnut tree... and, of course, all the neighbours of our Hotel Les Deux Girafes with whom we finally had time to chat, window to window; these discoveries were precious.


Nature reasserts herself

A bluer sky, the songs of the birds, the clearer waters of the Seine and the canals, and the lovely sight of ducks waddling along the most beautiful avenues of Paris... Whether these are lasting effects or just a charming interlude, nature in Paris has really benefited from the sudden reduction in activity. This lockdown period has also made us all more aware of the presence of the many plant and animal species living with us in the heart of the capital. Hopefully, from now on we will all respond to this cohabitation in a more balanced and respectful way! This is our wish here at the Hotel Les Deux Girafes.

Your Hotel Les Deux Girafes is looking forward to welcoming you again on August 28th! In the meantime, we can take inspiration from all the positive impacts of this lockdown to reflect on our approach and reinforce our commitment to our responsible and convivial concept of tourism.



Hotel Les Deux Girafes, a 4-star boutique hotel in the heart of the Bastille-République district.