We know about Michael Jackson's life and work in pop culture, but what about his impact on contemporary art? The Grand Palais has tackled this intriguing question and answered it in the form of a fabulous exhibition taking place from November 23rd to February 14th.


The King of Pop reigns over a great museum

Music, pop culture and art are definitely porous domains, each influencing the others. Michael Jackson had the spirit of a genius and the impact of a superstar, and his videos, his way of dancing, his look and, most especially, his music have influenced society at multiple levels, from fashion to musical trends. What trace does the King of Pop leave in contemporary art? The Grand Palais invites you on a journey that parallels the works and characteristics of Michael Jackson, resulting in an exhibition that is a true… thriller.


Michael Jackson and his link to contemporary art

Many artists have taken inspiration from Michael Jackson. Among them are Andy Warhol, Lorraine O'Grady and Isaac Julien. Each of them, through their creations, reveals something of the world-famous singer and songwriter. Room after room, work after work, arranged in chronological order, this exhibition presents artistic visions of Michael Jackson as you have never seen him before.

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