Spacious and bathed in natural light, the common areas of the Hôtel Les Deux Girafes lend themselves admirably to the presentation of works by artists. This autumn, Noël Vérin, in the exhibition entitled From Screen Printing to Primary Art, opens his heart and holds out his hand to you, a six-fingered hand on his canvases, to take you into a world of colours and shapes in which sensations and feelings come together and overlap…


The journey that inspires his work

Born in Paris, Noël Vérin was immersed very early in the world of painting thanks to Camille Renault, restorer and collector, who introduced him to contemporary creation from Kandinsky to Léger. He then developed his influences by working in collaboration with Jean-Luc Juhel and Karl Fransaert. But at the heart of his inspiration are the streets of Aubervilliers where his studio is nestled. African art, urban tags, pop culture, Picasso, all his influences are found in his work, nourishing it intimately without ever parasitising it.

Discover Noël Vérin

Discreet and smiling, Noël Vérin expresses himself widely... through his paintings. He transmits joy through them, a joy superimposed on misery or sadness, as a tag is superimposed on the ugliness of a bare wall. Portraits of women, compositions with confident and dynamic features, reappropriations of Marilyn via Warhol, evocations of Picasso, he shares what is akin to grace. Under a simple facade, his works invite you to appreciate movement, to exchange, to share. A lover of the freedom to create, humble by nature, he brings together his earthy and aerial natures in an ever-changing ballet that speaks directly to the soul.


From October 4th, 2022, to January 3rd, 2023, the good vibrations of Noël Vérin reverberate through the spaces of the Hôtel Les Deux Girafes. Discover this artist and his creations during your stay!


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