You don’t necessarily need to go to a museum or contemporary art fair to discover new artistic talents. Faithful to our eclectic and curious spirit, we at the Hotel Les Deux Girafes have chosen to present the work of a painter who inspires, fascinates, moves and delights us; Caroline Faindt. The private viewing of the exhibition will take place on April 25th.


Caroline Faindt creations on display at our hotel

A noted artist who sells all over the world and exhibits at the Fiac, Caroline Faindt has done us the honour of choosing the spaces of the Hotel Les Deux Girafes to show her latest creations. Sparkling and dynamic, she came to painting out of a love for this form of self-expression at the age of 23 and launched her career. Self-taught and free of academic constraints, she demonstrates a freshness, a freedom, an openness that is found in each of her creations. 


Find the key!

Not the one to your room but the one hidden in each of Caroline Faindt's paintings. Indeed, this symbol and object constitutes the red thread of its creation and each painting is accessible by means of this famous key. Caroline experiments with colours and materials to create a resolutely vibrant world that the viewer is invited to enter. Until May 30th, your stay at the Hotel Les Deux Girafes will be brightened even further by these works that arouse positive emotions and seem to emit warm and benevolent waves of energy! The theme of the exhibition? The flowers, a lovely reminder of spring season!

The Deux Girafes has built its reputation in part by being receptive to passionate artists and their works and helping them to be accessible. We always have a lot of fun sharing our favourites.


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