There’s no need to travel throughout Paris in search of a gourmet experience during your stay at the Hotel Les Deux Girafes. In fact, you need look no further than our restaurant Le Beslay. Under the direction of Chef Fabrice Giraud, Le Beslay offers creative and respectful cuisine that yields a wealth of fine flavours.


A friendly and inspiring place

With its fifty seats, its open kitchen and its style combining an industrial-style base with a very current decor that is both vintage and Scandinavian-inspired, Le Beslay offers a refined atmosphere in which you will immediately feel at ease. Tables for two, where you can share an intimate dining experience with your loved one, alternate with large tables that are ideal for a social meal. The mix of materials, the warmth of the wood and the peacock blue velvet of the sofas, along with the robust perfection of the metal, creates a welcoming setting that is enhanced by temporary exhibitions of works by contemporary artists. There you will find, as you do throughout your Hotel Les Deux Girafes, a beguiling blend of refinement and relaxation ...


The personal approach of Chef Fabrice Giraud

It won't take you hours to make your selection at Le Beslay. Chef Giraud goes straight to the point with a condensed menu that changes with the seasons, thus offering the freshest produce. Beef tenderloin rubs shoulders with blue lobster. Trained in the kitchens of Alain Ducasse, Fabrice Giraud has built his career on his experiences as a chef in Turkey and China, among other places. These multiple influences, his travels, and his passion for sustainable fishing and eco-responsible agriculture all inspire him to choose exceptional, seasonal ingredients and use them in simple and surprising pairings. The three-course menu is a true symphony of flavours and an invitation to travel. Just try the scallops seasoned with a black rice vinaigrette and citrus zest ...

Taste the magical cuisine of Fabrice Giraud during your stay at the Hotel Les Deux Girafes. His mix of influences, aesthetic creations and noble ingredients results in a veritable whirlwind of flavours for your taste buds!



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