With its monuments, remarkable architecture, famous people, and iconic places, Paris has always inspired the world’s greatest photographers. However, today, Paris is often shown in a more intimate and unusual way, thanks to social networks and, in particular, Instagram. Your Hotel les Deux Girafes invites you to take a visual tour of picturesque Paris in photos.


Paris through celebrated lenses

From a passionate kiss to the poet and screenwriter Jacques Prévert lounging on a café terrace, Robert Doisneau knew how to capture in black and white every magical moment in Paris. A particular era and the photogenic Parisian streets can also be found in the work of Willy Ronis and Henri Cartier-Bresson. And don’t think that this world of yesteryear is gone completely. You can still find it here and there, down an alley or in a courtyard. Contemporary big names in photography with a passion for Paris include Yann Artus-Bertrand and his splendid aerial views and Soazig de la Moissonnière, who makes the city a backdrop for political power players... Discover them in a few clicks on official and gallery websites, then admire their work in person when the city’s various cultural venues reopen.


See Paris in a different way

Social networks are a great new mode of expression, opening unexpected doors for artists of all sensibilities. Paris is now celebrated on Instagram on a daily basis and from ever more personal and original perspectives. Immerse yourself in this wonderful creativity! Les Deux Girafes, who like to scroll and surf, recommend the accounts of @parisexplorer, @douceur_a_paris and @Wonguy974, of @AG_Photographe for his geometric compositions and intriguing perspectives or @Jefaerosol and his streetart eye. Here at Les Deux Girafes, we regularly share the work of the photographers we admire. Follow us and check it out!

Photographs reveal all the details and facets of Paris. From the visual artists who helped to build its legend to the almost anonymous Instagram names, discover this city that lives, pulses, reveals or conceals itself… Les Deux Girafes will guide you!



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