With its rooms opening onto a verdant patio, its very individual decor highlighting the creations of artists and local artisans, and its two beautiful giraffes that welcome you in the lobby, the Hotel Les Deux Girafes is an establishment unlike any other. You will also find this originality and warmth in the bar of the hotel. Take some time to enjoy its welcoming and convivial ambiance!


Our hotel bar; a place of tranquil life

With its deep armchairs, comfortable stools that inspire confidence, warm shades that soothe the eye and adorable little giraffes to surprise you, the decor of the bar of the Hotel Les Deux Girafes is irresistibly inviting! In the morning you can enjoy a tasty espresso before a business meeting, at tea-time sip an invigorating cuppa or a comforting hot chocolate and finally, in the evening, the bar becomes a place of tranquil life, relaxation and conviviality!


Discover the many delights of our bar

Of course, in the bar you will find all the great classics, from hot drinks and soft drinks to famous spirits. But it would be a shame not to place yourself in the capable hands of our head bartender Sébastien, a real globe trotter who has brought back from his travels an exceptional level of know-how and a unique creativity. Trust in his Chilean origins and sample the finest Pisco Sour, Maracujá Sour and northern hemisphere Chilcano! He also excels in the preparation of classic cocktails such as the Caipirinha, which is a must. Finally, always looking for the perfect balance, he’ll offer his latest creations and his fruit-inspired favourites.

The bar of our hotel is not a place to pass through but a place to linger and share. At any time of the day or evening, stop and enjoy the delights, creativity, fun and even a little magic that it offers!



Hotel Les Deux Girafes, a 4-star boutique hotel in the heart of Bastille-République district