Parisians have taken to it in a big way. The Canal Saint-Martin, a few minutes’ walk from your Hotel Les Deux Girafes, has become the essential place for walks, cruises, picnics in the sun as well as aperitifs with friends. Now it’s time for you discover at your own pace the myriad delights of this charming waterway!


Visiting the Canal Saint-Martin as a tourist...

Connecting the Seine to the Bassin de la Villette over a course of 4.5 km, the Canal Saint-Martin cuts its watery way across two of the liveliest arrondissements of Paris. It invites you to take a peaceful cruise through locks and past swing bridges, passing under beautiful Venetian-style footbridges, while enjoying great views of several Parisian landmarks, and all to the gentle rhythm of yesteryear. As the canal is modest in size, the cruise boats are of pleasantly intimate proportions, adding to the charm of the journey. Or you might prefer to walk along the canal’s banks, where you’ll encounter an authentic and vibrant Paris.


...and as a Parisian

For many Parisians, the Canal Saint-Martin has become a favourite rendezvous. The squares that border it, the terraces of retro bistros and the small cafes with their tasty cuisine contribute to a welcoming atmosphere that is an open invitation to sit down and pass some time quietly and pleasurably. Why not enjoy a picnic in the shade of the chestnut trees? What’s more, the City of Paris has just announced the excellent news that part of the banks will soon be pedestrianised. Spending time there will be even more enjoyable!

Your Hotel Les Deux Girafes team looks forward to meeting you on August 28th. Meanwhile, they’re taking advantage of this break to explore the best places in Paris so they can recommend them to you on your next visit. There’s no doubt that the Canal Saint-Martin will be one of them!



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