The festive season draws to a close so you could be forgiven for thinking that the time for indulgence is over. On the contrary! From January 5th and sometimes a little earlier for the more impatient, you can taste fabulous galettes des rois (king cakes) created by the greatest Parisian chefs pâtissiers. Here are the galettes that your Hotel Les Deux Girafes team looks forward to tasting!


King cakes; tradition or innovation?

To which school of thought do you belong? Do you prefer the traditional frangipane cake, golden to perfection and sumptuous with a rich and melting almond cream? Or do you crave surprise and astonishment? If you’re part of the first group, head to the Gâteau d'Émotions shop where Philippe Conticini offers his fabulous frangipane subtly flavoured with rum and vanilla. Maison Stohrer and its chef Jeffrey Cagnes also maintain the reputation of the traditional frangipane king cake with a very generous almond recipe. Finally, you can admire - before biting into - the superb rose window galette by Nina Métayer.


Original king cake creations

For Epiphany 2020, pistachio is in the spotlight at Christophe Michalak, with a king cake sporting a beautiful verdant hue, as well as at Dalloyau, where Jeremy Del Val surprises our taste buds with a pistachio cream flavoured with Buddha's hand citron. Eric Kayser opts for pairing pistachio with raspberry for a king cake whose richness is underscored by a tangy touch. Chocolate buffs will head to Jean-Paul Hévin for an amazing almond and chocolate combination, while lovers of the flavours of the Far East will snap up the sesame or orange blossom galettes des rois offered by Maison Aleph. Finally, those who are gluten intolerant will be delighted to learn that the Boulangerie Chambelland, situated close to the hotel, offers a gluten-free king cake that’s to die for!

Just like us, you’ll go crazy for the fabulous king cakes made by the leading chefs in Paris. The Hotel Les Deux Girafes team will be happy to tell you where to find them!



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