The covered passages are probably one of the least-known of the architectural charms of Paris. Found in various parts of the capital, there are many near your Hotel Les Deux Girafes. In addition to their historical and architectural interest, each of these early shopping arcades has its own unique personality and atmosphere. Explore them during your Parisian strolls...


Amazing arcade adventures

Although the oldest date back to the end of the 18th century, most of the covered passages were built in the 19th and embody the splendour and creativity of this era. A stroll along these exquisite arcades reveals a wealth of intricate details and decorative touches such as the beautiful colourful mosaics of the Galerie Vivienne, the cupola and rotunda of the Passage Colbert and the magnificent glass roof of the Galerie du Grand Cerf. From sculptures and woodwork to colourful and geometric paving, there is always something to admire.


A unique atmosphere

The charm of the Parisian covered passages is also due to their special atmosphere. The Passage Brady, for example, is known as Little India. Stepping inside you are instantly immersed in the scents, music and aesthetics of the Indian subcontinent. A short distance away is the Passage Verdeau, lined with the picturesque shops of antique dealers, designers and craftspeople. Finally, gourmets will not want to miss the Passage des Panoramas, which hosts tea rooms and a restaurant where you can enjoy some tasty delicacies before attending a performance at the Théâtre des Variétés...

The covered passages are yet another way to discover a lively, surprising and creative Paris. Our team at the Hotel Les Deux Girafes will be happy to help you discover these wonderfully preserved arcades where you can wander at will and find so much to enjoy.



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