Your Hotel Les Deux Girafes is an establishment unlike any other. In its architecture as in its decor and the kitchen of its restaurant, this hotel gives pride of place to artisans and artists, giving them the freedom to create, to experiment, to share an atmosphere and a certain idea of ​​conviviality and hospitality. This summer, we present the work of an artist with a highly distinctive approach; Nathalie Latil.


An exhibition at the hotel

Light, space, colours… everything lends itself to the Hotel Les Deux Girafes being the natural venue to host exhibitions by creative people. Nathalie Latil immediately enchanted us with her freedom, her energy, and her rebellious yet tender spirit. Her paintings and collages will adorn the walls of the hotel during the summer to display her boundless creativity and allow you, our guests, to share in this artistic bounty. You can, of course, make a purchase if a piece of work wins your heart.


An artist's journey

Comics, Pop Art; Nathalie Latil's inspirations are at once obvious, but also totally assimilated and adapted to give birth to sparkling, mischievous, poetic, spontaneous and innovative works. Discover the career of this remarkably assured stylist who keeps a careful eye on lines, materials and media and uses these tools to present her intimate experiences and way of looking at the world through her own inimitable vision. Nathalie has crafted several collections, from the dreamlike Born to be a Child to the homage to 60s counterculture that is Psychedelia, to her use of trompe-l’oeil effects. Naty, as her friends call her, conjures a whirlwind of shapes, forms and colours. Simply irresistible!

Discover our latest passion during your next stay at the Hotel Les Deux Girafes. The work of Nathalie Latil awaits you in all the shared areas of the hotel. Don’t miss it!



More information:

- Nathalie Latil / Official Website

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