With its spaciousness and natural light, the Hotel Les Deux Girafes provides an excellent setting for exhibitions. This means that guests have the opportunity to discover artists and their works during their stay at the hotel. From April 3rduntil July 2nd, we have the honour of showcasing the creations of Pascal Bovey, which have already met with great success in the photographic artist’s native Switzerland. We invite you to discover Metamorphosis.


The journey of an artist

Pascal Bovey, a Swiss citizen living in the Zurich region, first led a career devoted to law before turning to his passion: photography. After training at the CAP school in Zurich, he makes a living from his art by taking commissions and by developing personal projects. Metamorphosis is one of his latest. In a series of double portraits, he translates the magic of transformation and the world of Drag Queens.


Between contrast and metamorphosis

In the first portrait, the transformist is captured naturally, without staging, as a man. The second shows him in his female character, ready for the show, dressed in light, sparkles, and make-up. The work of the photographer thus reveals all this complex game of illusion, the creation of a new reality and the contrasts that are formed for the occasion. The exhibition is also a tribute to these transformist artists and the courage they show as much as it is a hymn to freedom and diversity. Pascal Bovey also exhibits many black and white photos that show what went on behind the scenes of these metamorphoses, including dressing rooms, make-up tables, etc.


During your stay at the Hotel Les Deux Girafes, take a few moments to discover the fascinating work of Pascal Bovey. It’s an open window on an unknown world but also a reflection on illusion and a plea for tolerance.   


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