With its beautiful spaces bathed in natural light, the Hôtel Les Deux Girafes is the ideal place in which to showcase works of art. Thus, the hotel regularly hosts temporary exhibitions of the artists we love. We will begin 2024 with the insightful photography of Audrey Serfaty.


Portraits of Feet

Portraits “en pieds” is the title of Audrey’s very original exhibition. In elegant black and white, it presents candid shots of shod feet. When she rides the Metro, Audrey is accustomed to observing other passengers and, in particular, their feet. She thus came to the conclusion that their feet say a lot about the personality of these people with whom she had barely crossed paths. From there, the Portraits “en pieds” project was born. To carry it out, Audrey positioned herself on the Rue de Lancry, Gare de Lyon and La Défense and captured visually the footsteps of passers-by.


A subtle charm

Elegantly heeled shoes that do not prevent an assertive gait, children's shoes poignantly revealing a not completely mastered phase of learning to walk, sneakers contrasting with a very feminine look, and many more. The photos convey the movement but also allow us to imagine journeys and lives. Both poetic and elegant, they open up a timeless world in which fashions and style are forgotten and only individuals remain, with their strengths and weaknesses subtly highlighted. The play of shadows and light is also omnipresent, exquisitely defined by the rendering of black and white.


The Hôtel Les Deux Girafes team is very happy to exhibit the beautiful photos of Audrey Serfaty from January to March. These works demonstrate the sensitive, finely observant and poetic personality of the artist. Discover a preview on Audrey's Instagram account of some of the photos that will be on show.


Photo: Hotel Les Deux Girafes

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