Visiting an Art Deco gem listed as a Historical Monument while enjoying a wellness break is what the Pontoise Swimming Pool offers you, which has just reopened its doors after major renovations. Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and a refreshing swim in an exceptional setting during your stay at the Hotel Les Deux Girafes.


A cinematic setting

Designed in the 1930s by the same architect as the Molitor Swimming Pool, the Pontoise Swimming Pool is an Art Deco marvel but also a place steeped in history. Over its 90 years of existence, it has seen, among others, Johnny Weissmüller swim and hosted the trials of Commander Cousteau. Its large glass roof and changing cabins in a gallery above the pool have also inspired filmmakers like Claude Sautet for Nelly and Monsieur Arnaud and Jean-Pierre Jeunet for Amélie Poulain's Fabulous Destiny.


A moment at the Pontoise Swimming Pool

Much of the charm of the Pontoise Swimming Pool lies in its vast glass roof that bathes the pool in natural light. Throughout the day, you can move away from artificial lights. In the evening, the atmosphere becomes more intimate, with lighting only coming from projectors placed at the bottom of the water and the playing of classical music. In addition, wellness areas are associated with it. No less than four squash courts, a weight room, another for fitness, and a cardio space welcome you throughout the day and evening.

Completely renovated to meet current energy efficiency challenges, the Pontoise Swimming Pool is not only a historical monument to visit but also a place of life and relaxation. Its mosaics, warm yellow, cabins in the gallery, and a nod to Invader make them all assets.


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