Until September 30th, 2019, the Grande Halle de la Villette offers an exceptional exhibition of huge cultural importance and immense popularity. Tutankhamun; the Treasure of the Pharaoh presents astonishing artefacts that will never again be seen outside Egypt.


The Tutankhamun exhibition; why you don’t want to miss it

The Louvre boasts an extensive collection of magnificent pieces from ancient Egypt highlighting the beauty, history and aesthetics of this fascinating and mysterious civilization. However, nothing matches the Tutankhamun artefacts and the dramatic story of their discovery. The boy pharaoh had been virtually forgotten amidst the shifting sands of time when, in 1922, the archaeologist Howard Carter unsealed the portal to his tomb for the first time in over three thousand years. The richness of the pieces discovered, and their fabulous state of preservation, astonished the world. All these wonders will soon be installed in a large museum in Egypt. Their current world tour presents the last opportunity to see them elsewhere!


Visitor information

Given the success of the exhibition, we at the Hotel Les Deux Girafes advise you to reserve your queue-cutter pass on the dedicated La Villette website as soon as possible. Then prepare to discover a new type of exhibition. Forgotten are the dusty shelves and gloomy display cases of yesteryear as Tutankhamun; the Treasure of the Pharaoh is at the forefront of museography, presenting an immersive experience in which sound, light and digital content combine to bring you the story of the life and death of the young and ill-fated ruler and the significance of the items that were interred with him. To get to the exhibition venue from your hotel takes about 30 minutes by public transport.

Exceptional, unique, dazzling; for once the superlatives are well deserved. The Tutankhamun exhibition is one of those opportunities of which you can say in years to come, “I was there”! Don’t miss it!


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