Today, rather than telling you about the great Parisian museums or upcoming exhibitions, we want to introduce you to some unexpected inhabitants of our beautiful capital: its 120 million bees. Would you believe that nearly 2,000 beehives are installed on our city’s roofs?


Beehives on the roofs of Paris; how can that be(e)?

Thoughts of bees immediately evoke a bucolic landscape, fields of wildflowers and the calm of the countryside. However, for several years, these amazing insects have adapted wonderfully well to the urbanised environment of Paris. The beekeepers who watch over them explain that their charges find abundant food not only in the parks and gardens of the capital but also on balconies and terraces; in fact, in every small space where nature can reassert herself. What’s more, all this flora flourishes without the use of artificial fertilisers or pesticides, allowing very pure honey to be produced.


Discover the beehives on the roofs of Paris

More than a passing trend, the installation of beehives in an urban environment has become essential and ubiquitous. You will therefore find them on the roofs of the Musée d'Orsay, the Grand Palais and the Opéra Garnier as well as in private gardens, on the roofs of the famous starred restaurant La Tour d'Argent or on those of private companies. To discover this fascinating world, you can opt for a visit to the apiaries, a beekeeping course, or the Honey Festival... but above all, you must taste nature’s nutritious nectar on a very crispy toasted baguette!

Do you want to discover the beehives on the roofs of Paris? The team at your Hotel Les Deux Girafes will give you all the information you need! And if you’re wondering why we’re so well informed, it’s because we are seriously considering installing beehives on the roofs of our establishment... Watch this space!



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