It is with great pride that we tell you today about our winning the Paris Shop & Design award. This prestigious prize rewards all the work done in collaboration with the Itak Architectes agency, who partnered us in the design of our interior decoration.


The Paris Shop & Design Award

As a means of helping to promote the most innovative and successful initiatives in the design of shops, local services, cafes, hotels and restaurants in the capital, the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry created the Paris Shop & Design Award. For several years, it has rewarded the partnerships of tradespeople and professionals in the field of decoration, architecture and design who have collaborated to give life and soul to the capital’s retail spaces. This year we had the opportunity to be noticed by the jury of specialists and receive the award in the ‘Hotels - Cafés – Restaurants’ category.



Itak Architectes and the Deux Girafes

The Hotel Les Deux Girafes, as you can discover it today, is the result of fruitful collaborations. First of all, there was the place; an old workshop located in one of the neighbourhoods that welcomed artisans and small industries in days gone by. Then there was the partnership with Itak Architectes, the architectural design company that gave life to our project by preserving the existing framework, with its furniture, posters and spaces. Together, we worked on creating unique furniture and sought to highlight the period objects, create a warm and unique atmosphere for each of the hotel’s spaces, from the patio to the reception area and the rooms. A collaboration down to the smallest detail that has now been honoured with a prestigious accolade!

We would also like to thank Anathomie, to whom we owe our giraffes on the patio and in the entrance; Edgar Avila, who designed 4 innovative visuals for the rooms; Arysque for our cushions; Metal Project who designed most of the furniture in the rooms and also our lovely lobby... etc.

Please feel free, during your stay at the Hotel Les Deux Girafes, to ask us about our furniture and decor. We have plenty to tell you about the wonderful adventures that we experienced with the Itak agency when they designed the spaces that welcome you today!



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Hotel Les Deux Girafes, a 4-star boutique hotel in the heart of Bastille-République district