The Hotel Les Deux Girafes team has selected several cultural activities for you that will appeal to young and old alike. What’s more, you can easily walk to them from the hotel!


Amazing immersions

Let's start with two extraordinary places. La Gaieté Lyrique, a former theatre, has been given a new lease of life since the 2000s by becoming a cultural centre focused on contemporary music and digital creation. Today it hosts exhibitions, concerts and performances at the forefront of contemporary artistic production. An amazing experience. Less than a ten-minute walk from your Hotel Les Deux Girafes, the Atelier des Lumières offers you an exhilarating immersion in light and colour. Paintings by renowned artists are projected onto the walls and floors of this former foundry. You feel that you are stepping inside the works and the effect is simply magical.


Unusual museums

We also recommend that you visit two intriguingly unusual museums in the neighbourhood. The Musée des Arts et Métiers is devoted to the history of industry and technology. In addition to observing the famous and fascinating Foucault Pendulum that was used to demonstrate the Earth’s rotation, you’ll see machines and devices from yesteryear, such as phonograms, the earliest cameras, and much more. The Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature also appeals to all ages. The theme of the relationship of humans to animals and their environments throughout history is examined through art and artifacts in this quirky museum.


There is a whole host of ways to enjoy a cultural break in Paris. As a family, you can take advantage of the thematic visits and workshops offered by many museums. There is also plenty of opportunity to discover unusual and less well-known places, without having to cross the city. The Hôtel des Deux Girafes team is always full of ideas!



Photo: Atlantis

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